When we sit back and reflect on significant events, evoke memories of people in our past, assess important aspects of our current lives, and how one man could have played such a transformative role in the journey of so many through life, it is not surprising, in this moment of calm reflection, that we find ourselves inspired to memorialize his remarkable achievements born of a compelling yearning, an insatiable appetite, an incurable drive to live his dreams.


Such was a man named Franklyn Vincent Ellison Seales, the natural born son of Francis Seales, a merchant seaman and government employee of English, Scottish and African ancestry and Olive Seales, nee Allen, a homemaker of Portuguese and native Carib Indian stock. He was the youngest of that family of five: three girls and two boys, born on 15 July 1952 in the small village of Calliaqua, St Vincent and the Grenadines, a former English colony that gained independence in 1979 while remaining within the British Commonwealth, part of the Windward Islands, the northern islands of the Lesser Antilles chain of islands, which lies at the eastern border of the Caribbean Sea. It's a tropical paradise for scuba diving, yachting and many other water sports that attract tourists from the European community, Asia, Africa, and the Americas.


This idyllic setting ennobled young Franklyn to develop his God-given innate talents leading him on a wondrous journey in fulfillment of his dreams. We celebrate that he was the first native of the island to graduate from the prestigious Juilliard School in New York City that led him to appear on the silver screen in Hollywood.

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