The story of Max H. Dorsinville, a favorite son of Haiti, once called La Perle des Antilles, may not capture headlines now, but to his family, his friends, and his colleagues who knew him professionally; his accomplishments, his contribution to humanity will be etched in the annals of the United Nations at perpetuity. Following is my attempt to put into perspective the student, the husband, the government servant, the diplomat, and the father, with a focus on my relationship with him during the last ten years of his life. He was a man of few words to his sons yet demonstrated his brilliant oratory before the world stage during a career that spanned half a century. It is a given that man is destined to return to dust, but it is a process that varies in many ways and lends itself to conjecture. Observing my father's aging process taught me, in some measure, the do s and don ts of man s ultimate destiny. My father embraced life with gusto and single-mindedness and unlike many of his contemporaries refused to surrender to the vagaries of life when faced with the consequences of age.


Why did he live twice as long as his father? How did he outlive his wife and younger brother? Why was his body free of the diseases that are commonly associated with modern man? Notwithstanding Divine Grace that ultimately decides man s fate; he was also blessed with a mental toughness, a self- discipline that insulated him from the decay we are heir to and thereby deferring his proscribed end.

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